Having the right accessories for your flooring can really skyrocket its functionality, performance and endurance.
an LVT floor with a wood cabinet
Gripper rods around a radiator pre carpet install

Grippers are the fittings that are used to install most standard carpets. They are made from plywood, which is built into wooden batons. They are about 6 mm deep and are covered with metal spikes that the carpet attaches to. We always have 5 main varieties in stock and there are 15 different types available, so you can have the ideal gripper for your flooring.


Underlays are one of the most essential parts of a new floor. They create a foundation  base that it affixes to and help to reduce wear and tear, as well as improving heat and sound insultation. There are many different types of underlays available, including anti-microbial and memory foam options.

Modern carpet and wooden floor bathroom
Door Bars

These are narrow lengths of either wood or metal, which bridge over the gap in your doorway and create a seamless transition between your rooms. Door bars offer a smooth separation between spaces and flooring types. They are also used for insets on both fireplaces and doormats. We have a selection of different door bars with everything from standard to premium options.

Stair Nosings

A stair nosing is a way of finishing a staircase that has wood or laminate flooring. It conceals the edge of the material, where the two different floors meet. They are created for safety and create a lip over the edge of the step. It helps to lengthen each step, making it easier to walk up and down, and helps to prevent the risk of slipping.

an LVT floor in a room
LVT Finishing Trims

These trims are used to finish the tile edges, on the outside edge or in corners. LVT finishing trims come in many different finishes, so you can have one to perfectly match your flooring.

The types of accessories you choose can be almost as important as the flooring itself, so we offer a variety of different options for your needs. Get in touch today for further information.

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