Mats and Rugs

Having attractive rugs and mats in your home or business can be a great enhancement to your new, or existing flooring. We offer a range of customised rugs and mats that can be designed around the rest of your new floor.
Collection of colourful mats and rugs
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Bespoke Door Mats and Rugs

We can have a broad selection of different mats and rugs created, to match your new flooring, and your home as a whole. We can offer everything from tailor-made rugs and mats from offcuts of your new carpets, to coir-based matting which is perfect for your doorway.

Rug and Door Mats Creation

We can have a high-quality rug or mat created to fully complement your new carpet or flooring. Accessories like elegant rugs and door mats can really enhance the look of your space.

General mats and rugs can have a choice of three different edge designs, including whipped/overlock stitching, tape bound or easy bind, with a variety of different colours and fabrics for a completely custom designed look.

carpets sussex
carpets sussex
Customised Mat Wells

If you want to create a streamlined entrance into your property but still have a door mat that helps to keep dirt out of the main areas of your building, a bespoke mat well is the ideal solution.

A mat well is a recess in the ground, by your door that leaves space for a doormat, which will be level with your main flooring. An inset mat can be fitted within the mat well, which creates a level surface. This type of mat is generally constructed from a brown coir, but there are many different mats available, so you’ll be able to find the perfect style to match your space.

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