It is crucial that your new flooring is laid on appropriate subfloor, so we provide a thorough floor preparation as part of your installation process. This means that you can have faith that your new floor will be as durable and hardwearing as you need it to be, along with providing the perfect surface for your flooring to be fitted upon.
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Subflooring is the floor underneath the new floor that is being laid. We will lay the appropriate subfloor, including smoothing compound, or a plywood, so that your luxury vinyl tiles, or carpet have the perfect base beneath them. The chosen floor type and the way it’s installed will determine what subfloor preparation is required. When we come out for your free, initial consultation, we will assess the current subfloor and provide you with guidance as to whether it is appropriate for the flooring of your choice.


In advance of having a carpet installed, we will install carpet grippers. Carpet gripper rods are strips of plywood which are created with nails and tacks or pins. These make sure that the carpet is held securely in place.

The carpet gripper will be fitted around the edge of your room and the pins will keep the carpet firmly in its designated position.

carpets sussex
carpets sussex

We also use carpet shims, which help to compensate for the difference between heights in different flooring. The carpet shims can be adjusted by as much as 30mm, which means you can have an easy transition, which can solve access issues. They are the perfect complement for when you have carpet installed next to solid flooring such as tiles, stone or hardwood floors.


Underlay is the fabric that is installed underneath the main carpet. Choosing the right underlay will help the carpet to become more durable and long-lasting, increasing the life of your carpet by as much as 50%. Underlay is an important aspect of carpeting because it helps to absorb impact to the carpet, along with reducing wear and tear. It is also a requirement of the British Standards 5325 (2001). It can also help to improve sound insulation, as well as increasing heat retention, which will help reduce your heating bills.

carpets sussex
carpets sussex
Door Bars

Door bars are a strip of either metal or wood, which cover the gap in your door,  allowing you to have a smooth threshold or transition from one room to another. Door bars provide a seamless transition, where otherwise the different flooring between areas could look unpleasant. They also prevent trip hazards. Door bars can come in a wide range of different finishes and can also be used for insets on fireplaces or door mats.

If you would like guidance and advice on the preparation required for your new flooring, get in touch with our expert team today.

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