May 28, 2024
A is for Adaptations and Accessories
Adapt your old carpet to new spaces or add stylish accessories like door bars and stair rods for a stunning finish. Transform your room with these simple tips!
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Ok, OK! We cheated and are starting with 2 topics in our first week! Talk about setting the bar high I know…


Whilst not something that is commonly asked for today, an adaptation is anything done to amend an existing carpet for example uplifting a carpet from one area to refit it somewhere else, or removing a section where building work or new furniture is installed.

The most common request we used to see is moving carpet from your old house to your new house.  Today it is more usual for this to be done when fitted wardrobes have been installed and the carpet needs to be re-fitted.

We have taken carpet (with permission of course!) from one home to carpet two other houses in the past.  If your carpet no longer works in your room from a design point of view but has life left, why not move it to another room?


An accessory (at least in flooring terms) is anything which is not part of the main floor covering such as door bars, stair rods and the like. These pesky extras can creep up on you but trust us, it can be a mistake to always go for the basic versions, or worse, re-use your existing ones.

The reason for this is simple: you’ve just opted for a gorgeous new floor to finish your (probably) beautifully decorated room, so why not add a stunning finishing touch and really bring the wow factor home?

Door Bars

• The most common type of accessory.

• Comes in different styles depending on which floor types are meeting.

• Available in a wide variety of finishes.

• Can be used to create insets for mats or fireplaces.

Stair Rods

• Used to add a decorative finish to stairs.

• Most commonly used where there is a runner (as shown).

• Can be fitted to fully carpeted stairs.

• Stair clips are also available (the ends without the rods).

• Over 500 different styles/colours of stair rod available.


• Can be added to external corners.

• Perfect for busy hallways to protect your skirting board.

• Come in 3 sizes for the perfect fit.

• Available in a range of colours.

Carpet Studs

• A great alternative to turning and tacking carpets.

• Adds a beautiful detail to runners.

• Helps keep runners fixed on half landings.

• Stops underlay being visible on open sided stairs.

• Available in 6 colours.

Pipe Covers

• Commonly used for hard flooring installations.

• Disguises the hole in the flooring where the pipe disappears.

• Pipe covers are fitted around the pipe and loose laid.

• Use to add a touch of elegance to your room.