July 19, 2021
G is for Gripper
Grippers, or tackless fittings, are the fixings used to install the majority of domestic carpets. Normally constructed of layers of plywood...
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What are Grippers?

Grippers, or tackless fittings, are the fixings used to install the majority of domestic carpets.  Normally constructed of layers of plywood, to create a wooden baton approx 6-7mm deep, they are then covered in small spikes which the carpet grips on to.

Different types of Gripper

Gripper can come in various forms:

  • ‘standard’ gripper has 2 rows of pins which are a medium length and is approx 6-7mm deep and has medium length pins.
  • There are also long and short pin variations of the standard gripper.
  • Blind and microplast grippers are specialist grippers without any pins, used mainly for double stuck carpets and felt backs.
  • There are also grippers made to 9mm deep to cope with extra thick underlays.

What to use when

Choosing the correct gripper is one part of ensuring the installation of your new carpet goes smoothly and it stays well fitted for years to come.  Normally it will be selected based upon the carpet you are having installed although some consideration of the subfloor may be taken into account.

How does Gripper work?

Gripper works by applying tension to the carpet and ‘hooking’ it onto the grippers around the perimeter of the room.  This keeps the carpet flat and in place, and when done correctly this will last for several years.

Should I really change my Grippers with every carpet?

In most cases, yes.  The type and placement of Gripper varies depending on the type of carpet and underlay being installed.  In some cases you can re-use grippers but the industry standard, and the British Standards, is to always use new grippers.  Often, the carpet manufacturer’s warranty can be void if a carpet isn’t fitted to British Standards. Where you hope to re-use grippers it is still worth asking for the cost of new ones – you don’t know what you will find when the old carpets are taken up and it’s better to be prepared.

At Grimley Flooring we will work with you to find the best solutions for the installation of your carpet to ensure it looks it’s best and lasts for many years.