July 28, 2021
Q is for Questions
This week we are looking at a few common questions that are asked on a regular basis and their answers.
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This week we are looking at a few common questions that are asked on a regular basis and their answers.

Why is my carpet no longer flat and has ridges appearing?

Whilst there are several reasons why this has happened it all comes down to a single factor: the carpet is no longer under the correct tension. Fixing this will depend on why it is no longer tensioned but we would recommend having an expert examine the carpet.

Common reasons a carpet is no longer correctly tensioned can include:

  • the carpet getting wet, either through a leak or by being cleaned poorly
  • the carpet was installed on a cold day and now the room is warm (this can cause the material of the carpet to loosen and stretch)
  • the carpet was lifted off the grippers
  • the carpet is suffering from delamination (where the backing separates from the pile)
  • poor installation

We offer a free consultation to examine the carpet and determine why it is no longer under tension. If it can be rectified, we can carry out the work and will only charge once the issues are resolved.

Which is the best carpet for children and/or pets?

Choosing a carpet that can withstand the rigours of pets and/or children can be difficult.  Generally speaking short pile polypropylene twist carpets are the best as they are hard wearing and stain resistant.  Avoid loop pile carpets as toys and claws can catch in the loops causing damage to the carpet.

Don’t be put off from a wool carpet as they are still a good option and pet hair doesn’t stick to the fibres as easily as with polypropylene.  You can also add an aftermarket stain protection to those wool carpets that don’t already have it built in.

At Grimley Flooring we have a range of carpets ideal for children and pets and can help guide you to the perfect choice for your lifestyle and home.

I’m in a wheelchair and have been told I can’t have carpet, is this true?

Simply put, no.  You can still have carpet, however it will wear quicker than normal and will require special installation.  We would advise a very short pile carpet and it should be installed using a double stick method (where the underlay is first stuck to the subfloor and then the carpet is stuck to the underlay) using specialist underlay and grippers.

We have a range of carpets ideal for double stick installation and wheelchairs. We would recommend doorways are seamed rather than using threshold bars to ensure a smooth, even, transition between rooms where possible.

I want to have new carpets in my whole house. Is it better to do it all at once or one room at a time?

There is no easy answer here.  If you are carpeting each room in a different carpet then it won’t make too much of a difference, unless a small room falls under a minimum fitting charge and then it would be cheaper to combine it with another area.

If you are using the same carpet throughout then it usually works out cheaper to order all the carpet at the same time (this has the added bonus of ensuring all the rooms colour match) even if the fitting is to be split up.  Again, consideration should be given to minimum charges, but also whether furniture requires removal and who will be doing that.

At Grimley Flooring we are always happy to advise and offer recommendations on the best way forward for the installation of your new flooring to ensure it is done quickly and efficiently for our clients.

My bathroom floor has a large height difference to the adjoining floor. What can be done?

There are several options and it does depend on how large the height difference is and how the rooms are being joined.  Some companies will opt for using grippers and tucking the carpet down against the bathroom floor,  or grippers to lift a door bar. Others will simply fit the bar at an angle or use a screw down bar rather than a flooring one.

We carry a range of shims to gradually build up the height difference ensuring a smooth and clean transition from one room to another regardless of the finishing method in the doorway.

What is the most sustainable carpet choice?

Without a doubt, it’s wool. It comes from a natural source (sheep need to be sheared after all) so it is a great use of this by-product. Ever better, it contains little to no plastic when compared with a man-made carpet.

At Grimley Flooring we have a lovely range of wool carpets, including 100% wool products, so if sustainability is on your mind we can find something to suit you.