August 4, 2021
X is for (e)Xtras
For this week we will be looking at the (e)xtras offered by Grimley Flooring that make us stand out from other flooring companies.
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Simon’s note: “I apologise for the terrible spelling, but having been through X in the dictionary our options were to either skip this week or mutilate a word!”

For this week we will be looking at the (e)xtras offered by Grimley Flooring that make us stand out from other flooring companies, and why we should be the next call you make when you are thinking about changing your floor covering.

Every flooring company should offer the same basics: supplying you the flooring in the quantity you need, supplying any accessories (such as grippers, door bars, underlay, etc) and providing expert fitting.  Sadly this isn’t always the case and, even when it is, do you only want the basics?

  • Expert Advice

We firmly believe that if you are selling a product you should be an expert in that product.  Research is easier than ever and most manufacturers list the product specifications on their websites for everyone to find. Whilst this can help, numbers and technical data aren’t everything and our long experience in the flooring industry mean we can offer genuine advice and guidance to finding the right product for you in every situation.

  • In-home samples

We carry a carefully selected range of samples to offer, what we feel is, a great choice of the best quality for their price.  All of these samples are brought to you allowing you to see the colour and textures accurately in the room(s) you are looking at.  We can also offer a huge range of products that we don’t have samples for via our supply chain, and with these we can arrange for samples to be delivered directly to you within a few days.

  • Uplift

We offer a complete uplift service of all the old floor coverings and accessories, as well as all the old nails/staples. We will also sweep/vacuum up all the dust and debris that has collected under a floor covering.  This allows for your new flooring to be installed professionally and with no unexpected lumps or sharp bits of metal under the floor or any potential for issues in the long term.

  • Shims

At Grimley Flooring we are proud to stock a range of shims. These products allow for a smooth transition between areas of slightly different height.  Most commonly where an area has been tiled, these doorways can be difficult for some to achieve a clean finish.  A shim allows us to gradually remove the height difference allowing for a perfect, almost unnoticeable, transition between products and between rooms.

  • Door easing

Sometimes when a new product is installed it is deeper than the old floor covering which can cause problems with the doors catching on the flooring.  Left alone this will mark your new floor in a short space of time.  Where possible (and there are some exceptions) we can remove, ease, sand and rehang your doors allowing you to start enjoying your refreshed room and new flooring straight away without needing to leave doors off and waiting for another tradesperson.

  • Vacuuming

At the end of any job we like to ensure that all rubbish is bagged up and the area is clean and tidy for you.  This includes a good vacuum.  This isn’t all about presentation though; whilst it does ensure the new flooring looks it’s best when you see it, this also allows us to check over the whole of the installed floor and ensure that everything is perfect.

At Grimley Flooring we strive to provide the highest customer service – the type that most companies forgot about years ago. Perhaps this is why after less than 12 months in business (in a year where we couldn’t get going until 6 months in!) we have 11 glowing 5 star reviews. Why not give us a call the next time you are looking for new flooring and see what we can do for you?